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About Us

What began as one of the most notorious adult magazines ever published has evolved into a globally recognized brand that has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and beyond. At the intersection of art and erotica, PENTHOUSE is renowned for its fearless approach to sexuality and unwavering advocacy for free speech, equal rights, and sexual liberation.

Over the past six decades, PENTHOUSE has provided a platform for groundbreaking ideas and sparked positive dialogues that have gone on to shape contemporary attitudes towards self-expression and personal freedom. Its fearless celebration of sexuality has resonated with audiences worldwide, establishing PENTHOUSE as an influential voice for those who embrace a luxuriously bold lifestyle defined by their own terms.

Transcending its origins, PENTHOUSE now stands as a multifaceted embodiment of rebellion against the ordinary, inviting consumers to indulge in a daringly provocative and uncompromisingly authentic experience.

Partner With Us

PENTHOUSE Global Licensing is on a mission to elevate the iconic brand's legacy as a cultural vanguard, ushering in a new era of global expansion fueled by provocative style, daring sensuality, and an unapologetic embrace of the scandalous. We seek to build upon PENTHOUSE's strong foundation as an arbiter of contemporary culture to forge dynamic partnerships that will pioneer innovative products and experiences for our discerning audience.

If you're interested in licensing the PENTHOUSE brand, please contact our team to start the licensing process. We're always looking for new partners to help develop bold new offerings that will redefine the boundaries of luxury and audacity.