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About Us

What began as one of the most notorious adult magazines ever published has evolved into an instantly recognizable international powerhouse and iconic brand.

At the crossroads of art and erotica, PENTHOUSE is known for its fearless approach to sexuality and unabashed support for all those courageous enough to rebel from the ordinary.

PENTHOUSE has provided a platform that helped ground-breaking ideas like free speech, equal rights, and sexual freedom evolve into a positive global dialogue and shape contemporary culture.

After five decades, PENTHOUSE remains a relevant and influential resource for consumers who crave a luxuriously bold lifestyle – defined by their own terms.

Partner With Us

PENTHOUSE Global Licensing’s mission is to build on the brand’s strong foundation as an arbiter of contemporary culture and usher in a new era of global expansion fueled by sex, style, and scandal. We are always looking for new and exciting partners to help us develop innovative products and experiences.

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